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Whales & Canyon Rock Art

Canyon Rock Art of Baja Horseback Riding Pack Trip

This route takes us to Cueva Pintada (Gardener Cave), Cueva de las Flechas, and more in Santa Teresa canyon, plus you can arrange a separate visit of Whale Watching in San Ignacio Lagoon.

Highlights - Visits to World Heritage sites; prime Mural Rock Art, and the world-famous whale calving lagoons of central Baja. In the mountains - Cultural and Natural History taught by local guides as you travel the spectacular canyon trails.

In San Ignacio Lagoon - a comfortable cabaña-style base camp or day trips, with all the amenities and exciting whale watching !

At the cabaña base camps at the whale lagoon. With several chances to take skiff trips into the lagoon there are great opportunities for whale contact. Petting the whales is never a guarantee, but always thrilling when the lucky boat encounters a "friendly" pair of mom and baby.

Please see the itinerary for Canyon Rock Art or the DIY info posted on our home page.... and then contact for whale watching day trips or overnight tours in the area of San Ignacio from January through early April.

In January through mid March - for Blue Whale day trips or Grey Whale day trips closer to Loreto see


Canyon Rock Art of Baja Horseback Riding Pack Trip




. Que le vaya bien and we hope to see you again in Baja!


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